Avoid Fake Slot Machines At Live Casinos

If you are directly or indirectly interested in the world of online casino games this week, you have certainly not missed the news that alerts and informs regulars of online slot machine games. A prominent scam has just been discovered on the web, involving fake NetEnt and Novomatic slots. But don’t be afraid. To avoid this, it is enough to simply avoid a few online casinos that we are going to reveal to you and to remain confident in those which are always associated with a mark of reliability, for example Casino777.be which we advise you to test quickly if you are not yet registered.

False slots alert

A casino news site has just thrown a stone in the pond this week by revealing rather serious information concerning the online casinos MegaJackpot and France Casino. An opportunity for us to tell you this story, but also to teach you some tips to be able to spot and especially avoid this kind of fraudulent online games.

Spoofed NetEnt and Novomatic slots!

It all started with Novomatic slots. These are games which enjoy a very strong popularity on the net, with players, and which have turned out to be counterfeits present for the sole purpose of slyly attracting gullible bettors.

The Novomatic slots that you can find at the casinos in question, France Casino and MegaJackpot, are in fact games which are not managed by Novomatic itself. When you launch these games, you are therefore playing on pirated versions of games, which indeed look like the originals, but which certainly do not have their payout ratio. A scandal unveiled to the whole world, which we are relaying to this day for your safety.

But the pirate versions of Novomatic are not the only implicated since following this, it is then the slot machines of the Swedish giant NetEnt which were pinned. On these two online casinos, these are also false, as proved in particular by the source code of these games.